Say hello to Pronostik!

Our Football prediction platform is the perfect tool to create effervescence and set the mood for the Euro 2024 in your company.

Pronostik will help boost employee engagement while bringing a fun and competitive spirit within your teams.

Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes football predictions simple for anyone. No betting or football skills are required.

Let's talk features


Leader board Icon


Boost the competitive spirit of your teams
with the integrated leaderboard.

Device adaptation

The platform can be easily accessed
on desktop and mobile.

Push notification

Never miss a goal with our live notifications.


Encourage open communication, recognize achievements, and foster a positive work environment. Empower employees with autonomy and opportunities for growth to enhance engagement.


Inject energy with lively competitions and interactive challenges. Foster camaraderie, ignite motivation, and drive performance in an atmosphere that blends fun with healthy competition.


Experience the Euro 2024 fever together with colleagues. Share in the excitement of the tournament, organize office sweepstakes, and enjoy memorable matches while strengthening team bonds.


Capture the Euro 2024 spirit by rewarding employees with themed incentives. From sports gear to viewing party packages, recognize their efforts while fueling team camaraderie and motivation.


How it works

Step 01


User/Company employee registers on the online platform using his/her mail address or mobile number.

Step 02


The HR department of the company will have to verify that the profile created belong to one of their employees.

Step 03

Profile approved

As soon as the profile has been approved, the user will have access to the platform and will therefore be able to insert his/her predictions.

Step 04

Match locked

Once a match has started, the game is automatically locked and no user will be able to insert or update his/her prediction.

Step 05


At the end of each match, 10 points will be awarded to each player who predicted the correct score, and 5 points will be attributed to those who correctly predicted the winning team.

Step 06


Before the launch of the tournament, each user will be able to predict the final winner, the top scorer and the most scoring team. For each correct prediction, 25 bonus points is awarded. These points may impact the ranking.



Do I need a specific OS to use it?

No specific OS is required to use Pronostik 2022. The platform can be accessed through a web browser, preferably Google Chrome.

Can anyone have access to it?

Only registered users with a valid login can access the platform.

How much does it cost?

Contact us for more information concerning pricing.

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